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OEM Exhaust Replacement:
These repairs are made to restore the function of your factory exhaust. This is done by replacing or in some cases repairing your original exhaust.
Replacing parts with quiet, long lasting, quality, factory style aftermarket parts is important and we have quality stainless steel and aluminised parts to choose from.
Catalytic Converters:
Your Catalytic Converter is the final stop in your emissions system. It is the most important part to take all the pollutants that are made by your engine and they clean them before they are released into the atmosphere. We have stainless steel direct fit and universal style converters that comply with all regulations and are designed with fit, form and function as their cornerstones.

Dual Exhaust Systems:
Dual exhaust systems are our most common Custom & Performance jobs we do. We build stainless steel dual systems for almost any vehicle. We have put our stainless steel dual exhaust systems on brand new cars and trucks right from some of our local dealerships. Building a custom exhaust is a very individual experience. We have many different styles of mufflers, resonators and exhaust tips to give you the look and exhaust note that you were hoping for.

Classic Cars:
We can design and build Factory type or Custom dual exhaust systems for any Classic car or muscle car out there. With well over 100 years of experience in the custom exhaust bending field anything you can dream up for your exhaust we can make into your reality. Your car, your choice, we can give you the exhaust note and look that you've always wanted.

Custom and Performance Exhaust:
We can do any custom exhaust work possible. This means anything from a custom complete performance exhaust to repairing an exhaust pipe on your car that was discontinued and no one has in stock anywhere else. Our performance exhaust systems focus on fit ( mirror image, neat and tucked up nice and high, ) exhaust note ( from rockin loud to quiet and everywhere in-between ) with one of the largest selection of exhaust tips anywhere to finish off the job.

Exhaust Manifolds:
Exhaust Manifold replacement is a large part of our business. Whether your manifold is cracked, corroded, or the bolts that hold the manifold to the head have broken causing that annoying ticking sound we can fix these issues. We have the ability to remove broken bolts from the head on the engine without having to do the major engine work that most shops do. This is a process we have mastered over the years. Most manifold jobs can be done in about half a day which saves you time and money.

Suspension problems can cause a variety of concerns from clunks and rattles going over bumps to squeaks and loose steering. We can diagnose and replace your shocks, struts, and springs.

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